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U.S. photo gallery

1. Seattle, WA. The Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SeaMAC) launched a series of advertisements in August, 2011, to expose the misuse of U.S. taxpayer money to support Israel’s system of segregation and discrimination against the Palestinian people. The three ads will run in The Seattle Weekly and The Stranger. [See them at] In December, 2010, SeaMAC’s Metro bus ads, “ISRAELI WAR CRIMES: Your Tax Dollars At Work,” were cancelled by King County (see 4, below). A subsequent billboard campaign with the slogan “EQUAL RIGHTS FOR PALESTINIANS – Stop Funding the Israeli Military” was put up by Clear Channel, then taken down after one week. The ACLU is representing SeaMAC in a lawsuit against King County; the scheduled court date is October 31, 2011. 


2. Washington, DC. “Move Over AIPAC: Building a New US Middle East Policy” brought hundreds of activists from around the country to the nation’s capital, May 21-24, 2011. The conference, timed to coincide with the annual policy meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), highlighted the extraordinary and counterproductive influence AIPAC has on U.S. policy. Speakers, workshops, and public events promoted an alternative U.S. policy that respects the rights of all people in the region. The event was organized and sponsored by over 100 peace and justice groups, including CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Global Exchange, Interfaith Peace-builders, and the Fellowship of Reconciliation.
3. Pittsburgh, PA. Drivers on Route 65/Ohio River Blvd. (south bound lane toward Pittsburgh) were confronted with the scale of U.S. military aid to Israel when this billboard was unveiled in late May, 2011. 

4. Seattle, WA. A Metro bus ad campaign developed by the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SMAC) was slated to launch in December, 2010, but was cancelled days before its contracted start date. A pressure campaign orchestrated by the Seattle Jewish Federation, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, and StandWithUs NW yielded a deluge of calls and emails to King County officials, raising the threat of potential violence against both community members and buses themselves, and making defamatory claims about the ads and the advertisers.
5. Minneapolis, MN. About 250 protesters from Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign rally in front of the Minneapolis office of Sen. Amy Klobuchar on June 1, 2010 to protest the May 30 attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla in international waters off the coast of Gaza.


6. New York, NY. On November 16, 2010, a couple hundred protesters (representing Palestinian, Jewish, and anti-occupation groups including Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, Veterans for Peace, Women in Black, Code Pink, and Adalah NY) gather to protest at the annual dinner of the Hebron Fund. According to the Washington Post, the Hebron Fund and similar organizations have donated $33.4 million since 2004 to the settlement enterprise: “For many years, the United States has had a policy against spending aid money to fund Israeli settlements in the West Bank….Yet private organizations in the United States continue to raise tax-exempt contributions for the very activities that the government opposes.”
7. The U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has been calling for an end to U.S. military aid to Israel since 2003. The organization is a national coordinating body for numerous local and regional groups promoting peace and justice for Palestinians and Israelis. Helpful organizing tools on the topic of military aid to Israel are available at the U.S. Campaign website.
8. Albuquerque, NM. Activists gather on December 4, 2010—as they have every week for four years. The weekly demo began as a peace rally and has evolved into challenging U.S. military aid to Israel. The activists shown here display messages listing suggestions of how better to spend $30 billion dollars, including for healthcare, education and bringing down the deficit. The vigil is held every Saturday from noon to 1:30pm in the Nob Hill neighborhood at Tulane and Central. Contact Armen Chakerian at
9. San Francisco, CA. Bay Area activists from Northern California Friends of Sabeel, American Muslims for Palestine, and Jewish Voice for Peace Bay Area chapter initiated the “Be on our side” campaign on the Bay Area Regional Transit (BART) system on December 5, 2010. Starting with three platform ads, the campaign organizers plan to expand to more locations with the support of donors. Learn more, donate, and contact the Bay Area campaign here! Regional campaigns using the “Be on our side” ads are currently in development in several U.S. cities.
10. Washington, DC. The Council for the National Interest (CNI) is a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization advocating a new direction for U.S. Middle East policy. CNI uses advertisements in national publications such as the New York Times to break through mainstream media silence and distortion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For information about CNI’s position on U.S. aid to Israel, click here.
11. Albuquerque, New Mexico. In April, 2009, the Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel unveiled 10 billboards in Albuquerque. Bowing to a pressure campaign to censor the message, Lamar Outdoor Advertising canceled the billboard contract three weeks into the two-month contract. A compromise was reached using a modified design, which was installed in December, 2009.
12. Philadelphia, PA. Rush-hour commuters were greeted with banners prominently displayed on three Philadelphia-area bridges on August 22, 2006. Philadelphia Jews mobilized the banner drop calling for an end to U.S. military aid to Israel.


13. Seattle, WA. On January 3, 2009, during Israel’s winter offensive on Gaza, protesters flooded Seattle’s central business district demanding an end to Israel’s siege of Gaza and a stop to the U.S. aid that funds Israel’s military aggression. (Photo by Robert Whitlock)
14. Washington, DC. These Jewish protesters joined with tens of thousands of others in a massive mobilization against the Iraq war at the U.S. Capitol building in January, 2003. Jewish Voice for Peace, a vibrant national organization with chapters in numerous U.S. cities, was the first major Jewish peace group to demand that American military aid be withheld until Israel ends its occupation. (Photo by Declan McCullagh)
15. San Francisco, California. Protesters unfurl a large banner calling for an end to U.S. aid to Israel at a demonstration in May, 2002.
16. Oak Park, Illinois. As taxpayers rushed to meet the filing deadline on April, 15, 2010, concerned area residents gathered on the sidewalk outside the main post office. Their large banners featured messages including “Stop military aid to Israel” and “Stop funding Israeli occupation.” Busy pedestrians stopped to learn about the issue, while passing cars offered honks of support and enthusiastic “thumbs-up” signs. (Photo by Martha Reese)
17. Oakland, CA. When AIPAC supporters gathered at the Oakland, California Marriott, on December 13, 2010, they were confronted with roughly 100 demonstrators—both outside and inside the building. Inside, activists staged a choreographed flashmob, shown here. Outside, demonstrators distributed informational literature, including “Be on or side” campaign pocket cards. The action was endorsed by a broad-based coalition that included Progressive Democrats of America-East Bay, Middle East Study Group, Middle East Children’s Alliance, Bay Area Women in Black, Students for Justice in Palestine, 14 Friends of Palestine, Richmond Progressive Alliance, American Friends Service Committee, Code Pink, Jewish Voice for Peace, ANSWER, and Friends of Deir Ibzi’a. Read coverage of the event at the Berkeley Daily Planet.

18. Boston, Massachusetts. On December 30th, 2008, at the height of “Operation Cast Lead,” Israel’s devastating bombardment and ground invasion of Gaza, more than a hundred protesters gathered outside Boston’s Israeli consulate with the message: “No more U.S. tax $ for bombs on Gaza.” (Photo by Dennis Fox)
19. San Francisco, CA. Concerned Americans of all ages rally on May 31, 2010 to protest Israel’s strangulating blockade and siege of Gaza.
20. San Francisco, CA. Activists take to the streets on March 16, 2009 in a public action protesting U.S. economic support for Israel’s military occupation. The march was held on the one-year anniversary of the shooting of Tristan Anderson in the West Bank. Anderson, a 37-year-old American peace activist from Oakland, CA, was shot in the head with a teargas grenade by an Israeli soldier in March, 2009 while protesting the land theft and encroachment of Israel’s illegal separation barrier onto the lands of Nil’in, a West Bank Palestinian village.